Child Development

Child Development – Trends & Studies from 2017

As mother’s ourselves, we are always interested to know how the Child and Family Science experts come up with their data.  And, what the outcomes are.   From a study forming part of the Master’s Degree Programme in Education and Child Studies at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands, they posed a few questions to …

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Finger Painting Fun with your Toddler

Getting your little one down and dirty with some non-toxic paints is not only fun, but good for their tactile sensory development.   Here is how: Create an “art area” in your kitchen, garage, outside, or even bathroom Stick the paper down so it doesn’t slip around Cover the floor with newspaper or an old …

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Holiday fun for everyone – Part 1 (Babies)

The holidays are about to start! We thought you might be looking for a few extra activities at this time of year to do with your little one. Here are some of our favourites with a Christmas twist! Creepers (babies who are in the stage of rolling over to creeping/leopard crawling): Pick-a-puppet – Take a …

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Why playgrounds are so important

Slip, slide, bump, bash, climb, wibble and wobble! Who knew so much fun could be so valuable?! Having access to a safe, clean and developmentally appropriate playground can have far reaching benefits for the leaders of tomorrow! In an age where there is a tendency for little ones to be involved in more sedentary play, …

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