Mom and toddler playing with foam

Fine Motor Skills and Messy Play

Fine Motor Skills and Messy Play As Occupational Therapists we are often asked about the link between fine motor skills and “messy play”. If you have been to one of our GAP Groups, or another baby stimulation group, you would have had loads of fun exploring messy play. As a caregiver you know it’s important …

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Mom and toddler playing

Discipline and Boundaries with Strong Willed Toddlers

Discipline and Boundaries with Strong Willed Toddlers  As Occupational Therapists we are often asked to advise on how to manage difficult behaviour in the classroom or at home. One of the most challenging times of development to set boundaries and manage behaviour is with toddlers. Below we offer some tips on how to discipline and …

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Child playing at toy kitchen

How to improve Motor Planning Skills

In our previous blog we chatted about the rise in Motor Planning (Praxis) difficulties we are seeing in our classrooms and therapy practice. If you missed this blog, you can take a quick read here https://www.jumpleapfly.co.za/why-are-motor-planning-challenges-on-the-rise/. To better understand how to tackle Motor Planning difficulties, we need to first look at its roots. In our …

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Bath time – SCRUB – A – DUB – DUB, How often must I be in the tub?!

For any first time mom, bath time can cause a certain amount of anxiety. The thought of letting that precious baby slip through your fingers is terrifying. While some babies love bath time, others find this sensory rich task somewhat overwhelming and their fussing and crying can make this even more of a daunting task. …

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Finger Painting Fun with your Toddler

Getting your little one down and dirty with some non-toxic paints is not only fun, but good for their tactile sensory development.   Here is how: Create an “art area” in your kitchen, garage, outside, or even bathroom Stick the paper down so it doesn’t slip around Cover the floor with newspaper or an old …

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Time for tummy-Time!

Time for Tummy-Time!   The most important muscle development that your small baby needs to master during the early stages of development is gaining control of his head. He will move from being in a tight little ball to a more open body position as he gains some control of his body and muscles.  For …

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World Preemie Day 2016

“I may be tiny but my heart is immeasurable” Julia Toivonen   With 1 in 8 babies born early (before 37 weeks), World Preemie Day is significant for a rising number of families. For some – the experience is real to them today, and for others it is a reminder of a pocket of time …

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Book Corner Fun!

Have you considered creating a Book Corner for your Groovy Adventurer? We all know how important reading is for our precious little ones, but is there a special place in their room/playroom or your living area for their books? A book corner can be created in a very small space with just a little creativity! …

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