Finger Painting Fun with your Toddler

Getting your little one down and dirty with some non-toxic paints is not only fun, but good for their tactile sensory development.


Here is how:

  1. Create an “art area” in your kitchen, garage, outside, or even bathroom
  2. Stick the paper down so it doesn’t slip around
  3. Cover the floor with newspaper or an old shower curtain, to catch messes
  4. Dress your toddler in old clothes or daddy’s old shirt
  5. Let them have free reign.  This is a great way to build independence
  6. Ensure all the paint pots and extra paper is close by
  7. Keep an old bath towel close, so you can wrap them up afterwards and pop them in the bath
  8. And, remember to display their works of art for everyone to see!


Why is messy play so important for growth?

  • It matures the touch sense in their hands and fingers, which is needed for developing fine motor control later, such as the squeezing motion for pre-writing skills
  • Sensory play helps with language development
  • Their problem-solving abilities and reasoning skills will increase through this medium
  • And, social interaction is learned, so letting little buddies come join in the messy play is great!

Here is our easy-to-make edible paint mix, available in our Groovy Adventurers book too.


Flour and Salt Finger paint recipe

1 cup of flour

½ cup of salt

¾ cup of water

Mix the flour and salt and then add water. Mix thoroughly. This paint is grainy, unlike other finger paints. As a result, the children will enjoy touching the artwork after it has dried.

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