picture of the learn to cut bundlepicture of the learn to cut bundle

Learn-To-Cut Bundle


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Did you know that Cutting is a pre-writing skill? If you want to make your little one’s hand and finger muscles strong enough to hold a pencil correctly and write neatly then this Learn-to-Cut bundle is for you! Don’t run from shop to shop to get these goodies – get all you need in one pre-packed bundle – let us do the prep for you so you have more time to play and learn!

Your Basic Cutting Skills Pack Contains*:
3 copies of the Learn to Cut Book on 160g paper
2 pairs of design patented Magic Scissors® which facilitate success in early cutting
1 pack of wild animals
1 pack of pom-poms
2 pairs of Handy Scoopers™
4 Gator Grabber™ tweezers
1 spray bottle to build in the cutting motion in the hand
Early snipping resources including cardboard strips, modelling clay and a packet of straws.

*Colours and styles may vary from those shown in the video and pictures.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 18 cm
picture of the learn to cut bundle
Learn-To-Cut Bundle