Groovy Adventurer Book Set


Groovy Adventurers: How to encourage your baby to move from one developmental milestone to the next while having a blast!

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You no longer need to worry about how to play with and stimulate your baby – Groovy Adventurers has put it all together for you in a reachable format.

This book will take you step by step through the process on how to encourage your baby to move from one developmental milestone to the next while having a blast!

No more guilt for working moms – we are here to provide support, education and inspiration for parents and caregivers of 0 to 3 year olds.

Groovy adventurers can help you avoid potential developmental challenges.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, guilty or worried about age specific milestones.   Know that each child develops at their own pace so you don’t need to feel anxious and concerned about each little developmental step.  We have provided easy, accessible resources to meet you and your little one where you are at.

The format of the book will allow you to simply pick a few activities at a time or, if you prefer, to follow a structured curriculum.  There is background information for you on developmental concepts and a tool to manage concerns.  You can bond, promote development, emotional well-being, and growth in your precious bundle.  Groovy Adventurers will allow families to effectively use their precious time together.

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I absolutely loved reading through this book. The explanations are simple and clear, with easy DIY activities at home that don’t break the bank. My favourite aspect was the language used to describe our little ones, for example “precious child”, “little treasures” and “explorers”, just warms a mommy’s heart!

Diane Watson, September 30, 2016



If you want a book that is practical, easy to read and written by experts, then this is it. It will help you to play with your baby in ways that are relevant to his or her developmental needs and best of all you won’t need to buy fancy or expensive equipment or toys. The book includes a full curriculum too! The best investment you could make. You won’t be disappointed.

Cidalia Parker, October 1, 2016



I love how practical and fun this book is while still giving great background and understanding as to what you’re developing in your child. It’s a great ‘pick up and dip into for an idea’ book for those moments when you’re feeling stuck or needing inspiration.

Heather, October 1, 2016


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Groovy Adventurer Book Set