Grade 1 girls

Sep 29 2021

Skills to develop to prepare for Grade 1

Skills to develop to prepare for Grade 1 It’s that time of the year again when school readiness tests look at which skills to develop to prepare children for Grade 1. As Occupational Therapists we are often asked by parents and teachers which developmental milestones are important for this transition.   Spend some intentional time ...

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Toddler biting

Aug 24 2021

Biting – Is it Sensory or is it Behaviour?

Biting – Is it Sensory or is it Behaviour? Biting in toddlers is a common challenge that many parents face. It leads us to question whether biting is sensory or behaviour based? As Occupational Therapists working with sensory toddlers this is something we deal with regularly. So while this can be a very emotionally overwhelming ...

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baby eating

Aug 3 2021

Tips to Handle Fussy Eating in Toddlers

As Occupational Therapists we are often chatting to parents about tips to handle fussy eating in toddlers. This seems to be a common challenge for parents with little ones in this age group. Even babies who were open to trying new solids, as toddlers, can become fussy. Part of the problem is that toddlers are ...

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Mom and toddler playing with foam

Jun 28 2021

Fine Motor Skills and Messy Play

Fine Motor Skills and Messy Play As Occupational Therapists we are often asked about the link between fine motor skills and “messy play”. If you have been to one of our GAP Groups, or another baby stimulation group, you would have had loads of fun exploring messy play. As a caregiver you know it’s important ...

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Mom and toddler playing

Jun 3 2021

Discipline and Boundaries with Strong Willed Toddlers

Discipline and Boundaries with Strong Willed Toddlers  As Occupational Therapists we are often asked to advise on how to manage difficult behaviour in the classroom or at home. One of the most challenging times of development to set boundaries and manage behaviour is with toddlers. Below we offer some tips on how to discipline and ...

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Wikki stix and formation cards

May 31 2021

Why OTs love wikki stix for improving fine motor skills!

How doe we OTs use wikki stix for improving fine motor skills in children? Children love new and different toys. Sometimes this is just what we need to maintain their interest in a fine motor task long enough for them to build up endurance in their little hand and finger muscles. That’s why both in ...

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Mom playing toy cars with toddler

May 13 2021

Attachment in Toddlers – why engagement is so important

Photo Credit: People photo created by shurkin_son – www.freepik.com Toddlers are known to be very busy creatures! Getting them to slow down, look and share attention with you can be a challenge. While it may seem easier to let them occupy themselves and bounce from one activity to another, it is important for learning and ...

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Dad holding baby

May 4 2021

Attachment in Babies – why it’s important and how to get it right!

There is an inherent need to form an attachment in all of us. Babies tend to form a strong connection with one primary caregiver when they are very young. This bond will form the foundation for all other relationships. When a baby forms a secure bond with their primary caregiver they have a firm foundation ...

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Child playing at toy kitchen

Apr 6 2021

How to improve Motor Planning Skills

In our previous blog we chatted about the rise in Motor Planning (Praxis) difficulties we are seeing in our classrooms and therapy practice. If you missed this blog, you can take a quick read here https://www.jumpleapfly.co.za/why-are-motor-planning-challenges-on-the-rise/. To better understand how to tackle Motor Planning difficulties, we need to first look at its roots. In our ...

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girl playing with toys

Apr 6 2021

Why are Motor Planning Challenges on the Rise?

Over the last 6 months as an OT Practice working with young children we have noticed an increase in children struggling with Motor Planning. Parents and teachers have been picking up that their children have been struggling more and more in this area. On reflection on why this may be, we suspect that it may ...

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Parenting & Child Development Articles JumpLeapFly Blog

Jan 16 2019

Bath time – SCRUB – A – DUB – DUB, How often must I be in the tub?!

For any first time mom, bath time can cause a certain amount of anxiety. The thought of letting that precious baby slip through your fingers is terrifying. While some babies love bath time, others find this sensory rich task somewhat overwhelming and their fussing and crying can make this even more of a daunting task. ...

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Nov 13 2018

The sensory side of breastfeeding

The health and bonding benefits of breastfeeding are generally well known, as the overwhelming amount of research confirms this as a “best start” practice for babies. The sensory aspects may be less known, unless you are finding a difficulty in this area is hampering the breastfeeding process. Your baby’s amazing sensory system is very busy ...

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