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As moms and occupational therapists Lourdes and Carly are very excited to share some of their thoughts, insights, and experiences with you. Their hope is that their book (Groovy Adventurers) will inspire you to really enjoy your time with your child and, above all, have the greatest amount of fun possible. As therapists working with young children and their families, they noticed that many of the children referred for occupational therapy had gaps in perceptual, sensory and motor skills that could have easily been eliminated by some focused fun time as they were developing the basics of these skills in the first few years of life.

lourdes bruwer

Lourdes Bruwer

Lourdes Bruwer is first and foremost a wife and the devoted mom of 2 gorgeous girls, Trinity and Shiloh.

She is a successful Occupational Therapist, who has been practising and managing her own private practice in Cape Town since 2005. Lourdes graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2003 and completed a year of Community Service in Calvinia. She qualified in Sensory Integration Therapy (SAISI) in 2006 and has been an inspiration to parents and young therapists alike.

She is a social, expressive, and action-orientated individual. She enjoys dealing with people and organizes her life on a personal basis. She has been described as a warm person, who seeks to maintain harmonious relationships with her colleagues and friends who are very important in her life. She is driven by a strong sense of duty and by a need to belong and be of service to people. Her input, guidance and commitment to helping the families she works with has changed the lives of many children and families.

carly tzanos

Carly Tzanos

Carly Tzanos is a wife and dedicated mother of 2 beautiful boys (Ethan and Jesse). She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2001 and completed her Sensory Integration training in 2005.

Since graduating she has worked as an Occupational Therapist in a Private Paediatric Practice as well as a Paediatric Ward at a secondary hospital in South Africa. She has also taught and developed programmes at a Centre for Pregnancy and Parenting in Canada. Her special field of interest has always been infant development and she continues to consult in this area as well as support many young mothers and enrich them with her wealth of knowledge in this field.

Carly has designed a soft structured baby carrier in an effort to promote appropriate and comfortable babywearing. She thrives on adding value to people's lives, specifically enabling families to develop beautifully on a physical as well as a relational level. Her friends and colleagues describe her as a dedicated, organised and caring person who has a strong desire to help the babies, children, and families she comes in contact with.


Ingrid Mathee

As an Occupational Therapist, working in a private practice for many years, I have been a keen follower of the Jumpleapfly Facebook page. Not only have I benefited from the relevant information shared on this page, but the biggest asset for me, has been that I can share this valuable information with my parents. Jumpleapfly has an excellent selection of activities, mostly using home made items, to stimulate your child's development . The parents love these. Their parenting articles, information on sensory processing disorder and children with special needs are very well chosen and informative. There are so many Facebook sites available these days, who bombard you with information on child development and parenting. The reason I recommend Jumpleapfly for my clients, is that it is practical, well balanced, relevant information, which is just enough for my parents to relate to. Occupational Therapists, Lourdes Bruwer and Carly Tzanos have echoed this sound approach in their Groovy Adventurer Programme or GAP Groups, Occupational Therapy Practice, in their Book: "Groovy Adventurers" and Apps: The MXIT Reach Groovy Adventurer App and the My Learning Baby App. I, Ingrid Matthee, am very grateful for the high quality of practical knowledge and skills Lourdes and Carly bring to our clients and profession.

Ingrid Matthee

Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapists Lourdes Bruwer and Carly Tzanos
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