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The Wall Model Book – Bunty McDougall


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Do you want to learn how to clinically reason well as an Occupational Therapist working with children? Then this Wall Model Book is the guide for you. Esteemed and experienced Occupational Therapist, Bunty McDougall, shares her knowledge in an easy to read way. This makes the daunting task of clinical reasoning following an assessment a breeze. Bunty’s conversational way of writing is well known and appreciated by colleagues and parents alike! She has an unbelievable way of making tricky concepts easy to understand. Her conversational writing is practical and truly applicable.

Who should buy this book?

You should buy this book if you are a student doing a practical block at University. It will help you impress your supervisors! Alternatively if you are a newly graduated Occupational Therapist in your Community Service year, this book will be your mentor. As an OT starting in a paediatric practice, this Wall Model book is essential! Jumpleapfly OTs insists that new therapists who start at the practice use Bunty’s Wall. It forms a foundational part of new therapists’ training at the practice.

Bunty’s Wall is a well known clinical reasoning tool. It is used at University level as well as in the workplace to assist therapists. As a developing clinician, the process of assessing, planning treatment and writing up therapy goals can be overwhelming. However, with Bunty’s Wall this spiderweb of problem solving can become systematic and logical. When clinical reasoning is sound, therapy can be efficiently planned and expertly applied for excellent results.

Would you prefer an eBook? Click here to get your Wall Model eBook! If you prefer working with a hard copy, then this is the book for you! Just add it to your cart! Get ready to amaze yourself, your supervisors and your clients as you plan therapy and goals! Watch this space for the Wall Model Part 2. Coming Soon!

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The Wall Model book
The Wall Model Book – Bunty McDougall