At Jump Leap Fly we believe the first 1,000 days of your baby's life are the most important. Make them count with our early child development products and services. With our book, sensory-motor stimulation groups, wraps & carriers, and Occupational Therapy services we assist you to invest in your child's development!

What do we offer?


We provide Occupational Therapy services to improve your child's gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual and sensory-motor skills to meet the ever-increasing demands at school.


Our Occupational Therapists, who are also mums, have designed these GAP groups. They are are based on sensory play and development and are loads of FUN!


Work part-time as a facilitator of these fun sensory-motor stimulation GAP groups developed by our OTs. Teach moms how to play with their kids.


Our highly interactive and practical talks and workshops are tailor-made to inspire, empower and teach professionals, teachers, and parents. Practical & useful content guaranteed!


This book contains many activities that should be loads of fun, they are all designed to be beneficial for your child's body development and/or brain development. 



Our Bugg Carrier is based on a traditional Tai carrier. Soft, durable and washable this carrier puts less strain on baby's spine whilst being super comfy for mom or dad. 


Effective, kid-friendly fine motor and handwriting resources which help your children to develop critical skills while having fun along the way! See our range of OT developed goodies. 

What's New?

Jan 16 2019

Bath time – SCRUB – A – DUB – DUB, How often must I be in the tub?!

For any first time mom, bath time can cause a certain amount of anxiety. The thought of letting that precious baby slip through your fingers is terrifying. While some babies love bath time, others find this sensory rich task somewhat overwhelming and their fussing and crying can make this even more of a daunting task. ...

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Nov 13 2018

The sensory side of breastfeeding

The health and bonding benefits of breastfeeding are generally well known, as the overwhelming amount of research confirms this as a “best start” practice for babies. The sensory aspects may be less known, unless you are finding a difficulty in this area is hampering the breastfeeding process. Your baby’s amazing sensory system is very busy ...

Read moreThe sensory side of breastfeeding


Catherine Milner
I didn't realise that the sensory system affected so many areas of my child's school life.

Catherine & Mark Miller

Co-founders of "My Learning Baby"
helen spaltman

Our experience of GAP as a family has been to enjoy your baby to the fullest. Using the outdoors as a base for babies to enjoy nature, anything inside your house to hone your baby's senses & let them discover their little world with delight. Both my sons have enjoyed GAP & have developed beautifully.

GAP for me was great to get out with like-minded moms' who were dealing with similar issues to what I was. Thank you Carly & Lourdes for developing this awesome programme!

Helen Spaltman

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