Stages, rather than Ages – how babies grow

At Jump Leap Fly, we prefer to group babies into stages, rather than ages. This takes your focus off worrying about the milestones achieved by certain ages, and rather places it on encouraging and supporting your baby to build his skills in a helpful sequence of development.


This is also what makes us unique.


Here are the stages we use:


SLEEPERS  – birth to bobbing heads
This is where your little sleeper is just starting to adjust to his/her world, and where you are learning to respond to and get to know your baby.


ROLLERS  – bobbing heads to rolling over
Rollers sleep less and you will begin to see them engaging more too, so awake time is much more entertaining for all.


CREEPERS  – rolling over to creeping/leopard crawling
An exciting progressive stage, where your little one will inch and creep towards something, sending you into screeches of encouragement.


MOVERS  – creeping and crawling
If you havn’t baby proofed your house by this stage, your baby will teach you how!  Baby will show some remarkable traits of independence and be into everything and anything they can reach.


GROOVERS  – crawling to taking steps
When they start to pull themselves up and take those first few steps, it is a huge milestone achieved, and each baby does this in their own time, but with the same amount of excitement from their fans.


TRAVELLERS  – taking steps to running
Bumps, bruises, and cute scratches, are all part of this stage, and while you may be standing nervously around, ready to catch them, they will be revelling in their newly found way of exploring.


ADVENTURERS – running, jumping and leaping
When parents say I wish I had all that energy, well, it came from this stage, where baby finds the benefit of running and jumping.
Our reasoning behind the stages rather than ages categories?


The rate of maturation varies from one baby to the next, and very interestingly, this applies to every stage in a person’s life.


The range is therefore large enough to accommodate early and late developers, who are ALL NORMAL!
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