Skype or Facetime with baby – easy tips!

If you find you travel a lot and miss out on some important milestones or just simply communicating with your baby, consider a short Skype or Facetime call – here are some tips:

1.  Mobile is best – less buttons to distract (baby, that is!)
2.  Don’t worry about a conversation – just be there, watching, engaging as you would if you were in the room
3.  Partake in an activity, such as feeding time, bath time, or reading time
4.  Make sure there is eye contact, so position the tablet or phone close baby’s face and bring your face close to the camera too
5.  Make it fun – use some props, such as fun noisy toys, puppets, or engage in a game (where’s mommy/daddy hiding)
6.  Singing and music can be a great way to engage with your little one.  If you don’t feel comfortable singing on your own, then just use some background music to accompany your voice.  However, remember, your voice is what baby wants and needs to hear
7.  Most times you will have a one-sided convo (obviously) so try commenting on what your baby is doing – be their own sports commentator!
8.  If your little one isn’t using words yet, try imitating their sounds, and then wait for their reply.  You can take turns, essentially, and this will aid the foundation to communication later on as they develop and learn
9.  Make sure any background noise is muted or switched off, while you are chatting
Happy connecting!
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