What to Consider when Choosing the Right Extra Mural Activity for Your Groovy Adventurer

I am quickly starting to realise the full meaning of “mom’s taxi” and am now the proud owner of one! Between two very energetic, confident and exuberant girls, our afternoons and even some mornings are full of fetching and carrying to extra murals! I do confess that I am as energetic and exuberant as my girls and would probably be doing more fetching and carrying to even more extra murals if my pocket would allow for it! I do admit that as a parent, you need an extra income just to fund the extra murals done by children these days! How can one help oneself, though? There is just so much to choose from and there are such amazing opportunities out there. It’s hard not to feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in a day and enough zeros in my bank account to do it all!

As we reach the end of the term, many parents are starting to think about which extra murals to stop and which new ones to pursue! It’s really important to *involve your little Groovy Adventurer in the decision!* Of course be wise and give them a few pre-determined choices so that you aren’t left bonding the house because beautiful puppy dog eyes said: “Daddy, I want a pony!”

This is a piece of advice I have to chant like a mantra to myself because I find it so difficult…*don’t do EVERYTHING*!! Your little ones are still building their endurance and doing too many extra murals will only overwhelm them and leave them feeling overtired and moody! They need time to consolidate the skills they are learning in their structured extra mural time, and this happens in free play. Provide them with opportunities in between extra murals to just play in an unstructured way, especially when they are little.

Sometimes little Groovy Adventurers can start off super keen on an idea and when it comes to it may quickly lose interest in that extra mural. Try to encourage them to *commit for a term*. This is an important life lesson that they should finish what they start, it will also teach them frustration tolerance and perseverance to not just give up at the first sign of a challenge. Naturally, if they have helped you choose the extra mural and were involved in the decision making, you will not be the bad cop!

We are loving doing an extra mural that is not related to the girls’ school and is rather *a community-based extra mural*. We have increased our circle of friends in this way and the girls’ life area has grown beyond the borders of house and school which I have found to be very healthy. We ride our bicycles to a nearby church hall and this all adds to the excitement of the day!

Be sure to *consider the time and day* of the extra mural, ensuring that you do not choose extra murals around nap times or other difficult times of the day when your little one is hungry or tired and thus not ready for interaction with others. This will go a long way in how much fun will be had by all during the extra mural!

Lastly, don’t forget to support your little one in his/her choice of an extra mural, watch when you can, praise them abundantly and do not be afraid to gush and brag about how proud you are of their efforts with friends and family!

What extra murals do your little Groovy Adventurers live and breath for…count sleeps for and dream about doing? Please share pictures or stories of your little ones engaging in their fun times with us, you may inspire another mom to try out the fun with her little one in the future!

Have FUN!

Lourdes XOXO

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