Wait, Watch and Wonder

If you have ever sat back, as I am sure most of you have, and watched your little Groovy Adventurers playing, haven’t you been awed by just how amazing their play is, even from such a young age. I just love watching children’s play skills mature and develop. It gives me such a kick to watch how they go from simple cause and effect or action/reaction type of play…If I yank mommy’s hair she laughs or screams or if I throw this mushy finger food on the floor from my high chair it makes a lovely splashing noise and mom has to clean it up…over and over and over again!!…to more mature imaginary or constructive or collaborative play…As your little Groovy Adventurer reaches the Traveller and Adventurer stage it is magical to watch as they start feeding their dolls or teddies a bottle or start stirring or mixing the pot or imaginary tea cup…its this wondrous world where a bucket can be a helmet or as Lexi showed us when she won our previous competition, a tennis racket bag can make a splendid elephant trunk![[image #file_af0ffd7b19#]] These days in my house when little Shiloh calls “Mom” it’s not always me she is calling! mostly it’s Trinity who is pretending that Shiloh is her daughter! I have to concentrate really hard when Shiloh wants me to call her mom and she calls me daughter when we are playing house-house together!

So next time life feels a bit too rushed or if you want to jump off the rat race track that we call life, stop and take a moment to *watch, wait and wonder* at your child’s amazing play skills and take time to notice the mini milestones as he moves on from one play stage to another and most of all don’t be afraid to jump in and be the daughter or the son every once in a while or have your makeup done or your nails painted a garish red that you otherwise wouldn’t have chosen for yourself…its all in the name of fun!

Happy playing!

Lourdes xoxo

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