Happy Father’s Day!

I grew up in a small household, my mom raised me as a single parent so she was my mom, my dad, my aunt, uncle, granny and grandpa! She must have been very good at this because I didn’t seem to miss having extra family members or seem to realise something was missing!

Now however as an adult I feel so blessed to be able to “catch up” on the fun I missed as a child because now my little Adventurers have a very special daddy who needs spoiling this Sunday! No Father’s day in our house would be complete without the mandatory ‘socks and jocks’ present, chocolate in bed for breakfast and cuddling in bed to watch a family movie together…dad just LOVES having ALL his girls in his arms at the same time!

With 2 very crafty girls, I thought that this year, we would create something special for dad..and without giving too many secrets away…I wanted to share some ideas of how your little ones can make this daddy day special without having to spend a small fortune!

There is nothing cuter than dad wearing a hand made t-shirt with his Groovy Adventurer’s hand and foot prints on it. I am sure your Groovy Adventurers of any age will enjoy the squishy, messy paint squelching through their fingers and toes!

If the men in your life are anything like mine, I am sure they will love a yogurt tub filled with biltong, nuts or home made biscuits in it…You and your Groovy Adventurers could decorate the yogurt tubs with paint, stickers, fabric or tissue paper!

Breakfast in bed is kind of a given, but why not have some fun by making a face with egg yolk eyes, button mushroom nose and a bacon smile all piled onto toast!

A treasure hunt with clues is a fun way to hide all the socks, jocks, biltong, nuts, choccies etc. that you have gathered to show dad you love him!

What are me and my girls gonna be doing to spoil daddy?! (Bruwer dad, read no further, least you spoil the surprise!)….

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Have a great day spoiling the men in your life!

Happy Father’s day to all our Groovy Dads!



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