The first copy of Groovy Adventurers has arrived!

On Friday morning our publisher, Barbara Mueller, from *New Voices Publishers*, brought us our first copy of *Groovy Adventurers: How to encourage your baby from one developmental stage to the next while having a blast!*

As we unwrapped our treasure, held it, smelt it and even kissed it, we were filled with excitement, amazement, and awe at the product of the last 3 years of hard work! A gazillion “book dates” with 4 rowdy children, our own *Groovy Adventurers*, in the background, raced through our minds!

The cover of the book is colourful, bright and eye catching. Claudine Sprately has done an amazing job of breathing life into our work through her animated drawings and the touch of colour on glossy pages inside the book make paging through it an enchanting experience!

We cannot wait to launch the book at our *official launch* on the *18th of November 2011*. Thereafter, you will be able to order the book online, from our website, www.jumpleapfly.co.za for a special launch price! We will post a copy of the book to you wherever you are in South Africa! There will be a nominal postage fee involved (details of which will be provided). If you are outside South Africa, we would love to get the book to you, so please [contact us](mailto:lourdes@jumpleapfly.co.za)


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