School has started again… how are you?

The lead up to the school holidays may have been filled with excitement and anticipation or dread and fear of what on earth you would do with these little people for all their waking hours for a whole week! You may have felt a little of both – looking forward to a break in school routine, time spent with your family, a slightly slower pace and some fun adventures and outings; while also looking forward to their return to school and a few hours of quiet to hear yourself think and go to the loo all by yourself!

I absolutely love school holidays and look forward to spending some fun filled hours with my boys, not having to share them with the rush of the school morning and the routine of the school week! However….I can definitely appreciate the few hours each day that the boys are at school. Trying to grocery shop with 2 little people in tow ranks very low on my list of fun or even practical tasks to do! Seen as we also celebrated a birthday these short holidays, they really were jam packed, so now that the last term of the year has begun I am trying to regain a sense of balance and normality that works relatively well for our family. How are you feeling about the start of another school term?

There is a part of me that longs for another holiday sometime soon….the kind that includes a spa day, reading a book, no cell phone reception and endless amounts of chocolate!!!!

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