“Snot en trane” – helping your Groovy Adventurer master nose blowing

With winter hot on our tails, the sniffles and sneezes are making a comeback! Some Groovy Adventurers are really super at learning to blow their noses and can get those Jerry Germs out with no hassles, while for others learning how to keep their mouth closed and blow air (and hopefully those pesky germs) out their nose is like learning to play Bach on the piano! It’s quite normal for a little Groovy Adventurer to struggle to learn how to blow his nose, so do not despair…actually blowing your nose requires a lot of skill, coordination, timing, sequencing, and confidence, so be patient with your little one, he is trying his best I am sure!

The most natural way to teach your little Groovy Adventurer to blow his nose is through imitation. We do this instinctively as parents and feel quite at ease when making ghastly, yet award-winning snorting and blowing noises when standing expectantly, tissue in hand! If this doesn’t work, blowing on your little one so that he gets the concept that ‘blow’ means make air come out your nose (or even mouth in the beginning) can also be tried…if you are looking for some more creative ways to teach Nose Blowing, then look no further…

  • Make the tissue kite fly – hold a tissue just in front of your nose and make it fly by blowing air through your nose. Then hold the tissue kite in front of your Groovy Adventurer’s nose, encouraging him to make the kite fly using only his nose! Once he has mastered this, repeat the demonstration but hold one nostril closed to see if you can make the kite fly as fast or as far using only one nostril…again let your Groovy Adventurer have a go! Similarly, try with the other nostril! Remember to laugh a lot and have fun, Groovy Adventurers learn best when it’s FUN!
  • Bath time nose bubbles – while in the bath show your Groovy Adventurer how to stick his nose under the water or even just above or on the surface of the water to make a ripple or bubbles when blowing only with his nose…he may get a nose full of water so warn him to blow not sniff! Once again make this fun, even if you have to pretend your nose water bubbles are different animal farts!
  • Make the rice crispies fly out the bowl – Little Jesse (Carly’s youngest son) invented this cool nose blowing fun! He sees how many rice crispies can take flight with his nose blowing capabilities…remind me never to finish off his leftover breakfast cereal!!!! For first-time nose pilots maybe blow through a straw while in training to make sure that young pilots in training do not actually sniff a rice crispy into his nose as this may mean a trip to the ENT! (we take no responsibility for this by the way!!!
  • We have one more idea…its super cool, so watch this space…we share our best nose blowing tip in this week’s Activity of the Week….

Happy nose-ey FUN everyone…please share your best NOSE BLOWING tips with us!

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