Finally! Joyous celebrations at our book launch

Friday the 18th of November will be remembered by all who attended our *Book Launch* as an evening of joyous celebrations! If you were unable to join in the festivities then we hope you enjoy the photos and know that you were missed!!!  *Cafe Villagio* created a beautiful ambience to suit the mood of the evening and the snacks and beverages were delicious and gorgeously presented.


Carly and I were absolutely overwhelmed by the show of love, support, and encouragement on the evening and have been blown away by the positive feedback following our first sales! *Here are a few emails we have received from happy customers…*


Hi Lourdes and Carly,


Again, just a *biiiig* congratulations – so exciting that you’ve been published! Loving the exercises and wish I’d had your book sooner, I haven’t found anything remotely as informative / helpful in giving great ideas for things to do. Sending on the book details to my mates. X Kenni


Hi, Baie geluk met die oulike boek!  Julle kan met reg daarop trots wees.  Ek en Adre sal dit defnitief aanbeveel.



Hannelie Kotze


Dear Lourdes and Carly


Congratulations on a fabulous publication. I would like to order 2 more copies as gifts!


Warm regards

Janet Bytheway


Here is my “Groovy Adventurer” getting into it!


[[image #file_61ee5166ff#]] “dis ‘n moeilike ene!”

[[image #file_f885a5d72b#]] Groovy Adventurer in action!


Love Belinda von Wielligh and Little Franco-tjie!


WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to give us positive feedback and for continuing to support us by even buying MORE books!!!


The Book Launch evening was attended by doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, teachers, moms, dads, grannies and of course our closest friends and family. The evening was relaxed and informal. Carly and I said just a few words to thank those that had attended and chatted a bit about why we wrote the book and our fondest memories of this whole journey! We started with one year olds (Trinity and Ethan) and ended with one year olds (Shiloh and Jesse). Through it all lifelong memories have been made and friendships have been cemented.


We sold and signed many books at the launch and had a chance to chat with many of our guests. The next step is a *live Facebook chat* on *Clover’s* facebook page on *Wednesday the 7th of December from 7pm-8pm*. Please come join us and bring your thoughts, comments and any questions you may have about your Groovy Adventurer’s development. We will do our best to answer them all! We are looking so forward to it!!!


A special thank you to our husbands, Paul and Maurice, our Groovy Adventurers, Trinity, Ethan, Shiloh and Jesse and of course to our Heavenly Father, through whom all things are possible!

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