Two things to do to celebrate Heritage Day 2018

Today we are celebrating Heritage Day in South Africa, and the question comes to mind, what is the meaning and also what can we teach our kids about this day?

I did some research as a mom to truly understand and found this article that I would like to share with you:
Heritage Day – Why do we celebrate it? Jayshree Sita

Below I share her story as well as 2 things we can do on this Heritage Day with our kids to explain the concept and create lovely memories!

“The purpose of Heritage Day is to expose people to the differences, to enable us to understand, respect and appreciate other cultures. Everyone has their unique culture and identity.

Heritage Day gives us an opportunity to learn and grow which is so much more valuable. There are positive things in every culture. If we can adopt or even just accept what is good in other cultures, we will grow as individuals and contribute to a more unified South Africa. This exposure helps us to open our minds and be comfortable that there are so many ways to learn and live. But it’s also a time for an individual to try to learn more about their own culture. What are the values and traditions that it embraces? Do those values and traditions make sense to you? If you are aware of your own culture and believe in its values, you will be able to share it with others.


So I would really recommend that each of us do two things on Heritage Day:

  1. Try to find things which are meaningful in your own culture and share it with others.
  2. Learn something about another culture.”

Thank you Jayshree Sita for this lovely blog post!


I look forward spending this Heritage Day with my own children, exploring our own culture and learn more about others!


heritage day 2018

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