The season of goodies, gifts and goodbyes

What are your teacher gift traditions?! My girls love giving their teachers flowers and chocolates at the end of each term as a way of saying thank you! They delight in picking their teacher’s FAVOURITE colour flowers or their favourite sugary treat! However, I got to thinking, if all moms did what I did, the teacher would stay off sick with allergies and diabetes from the pollen and sugar overload!!! That got me thinking out the box a little! I have been on the hunt for cute, thoughtful but affordable gifts for the people who help shape and mold my most precious gifts from God, my children! No pressure!

So at the end of this term, why not park the chocolates and flowers or hand creams and try one of these ideas?

  1. *Stamps or stickers:* Teachers are always stamping or stickering our children or their works of art, so I am sure they would love some variety. The crazy store has some really cute stamps and stickers for really affordable prices!
  2. *Books:* All schools have story time at the end of the day and although there are some really cute all time favourites that all teachers have, perhaps add to her collection with some of your own favourites!
  3. *Puzzles:* The trick to mastering puzzles is practice and variety! Help add to your classroom’s puzzle collection!
  4. *Music:* Some classrooms have music playing in the background, add some of your own favourite kiddies CD’s to her collection so that she doesn’t go crazy listening to the same song over and over!
  5. *Foot care:* Teachers are on their feet all day and hardly get a chance to sit down! There are some really lovely foot creams, scrubs, and treatments which would make any teacher sigh with relief and gratitude!
  6. *Team up:* Instead of buying one small gift – why not get a few moms together to buy a really nice expensive gift for the teacher or her classroom?! Perhaps a few moms could club together to purchase a laminator or a ring binder or sponsor a massage, mani or pedi for the teacher?!

What will I be doing this year?! I have found the most amazing gift – but I can’t let the cat out the bag just yet so as not to spoil the surprise! What are some of your ideas?! Please share them so we can shower these very important people with love and affection in a thoughtful and meaningful way – without breaking the bank!

Good luck for the run up to the end of the term!

Have a groovy day!

Lourdes xoxo

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