Cursive Writing Bundle


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The Cursive Writing Bundle has everything you need to get started with or improve cursive writing, so you can help your child achieve a fluid and legible cursive penmanship so they can keep up with the written demands both in the classroom and during exams.

Your convenient multi-sensory kit includes:

1 Cursive Book 1

1 Cursive Book 2

1 Texture Overlay Board

1 Wikki Stix®

2 Acetate Sheets

2 sets ready to cut printed cursive memory game sheets.

3 Monami or rollup crayons with stetro grips on

6 Paper Clips

Speckled line book Irish lines

*The packaging and colours may vary from those in the photograph.

With fun memory games your child can establish an automatic visual memory of the new letter forms while playing.  To make the fun multi sensory, your child will love building the letters using the Super Wikki Stix and this will help consolidate the correct formation maps of the letters in their brain.  The touch system is activated by placing the Texture Overlay Board either under, or over the letter pages.  The two Cursive Books, with the help of our penguin mascot, will point out areas requiring special attention, teach your child, step-by-step, how to make the lower case letter formations, link ups, upper case letter formations and consolidate their speed and quality of cursive handwriting.  The Squiggle Wiggle Writer, a vibrating pen, which is fun for both adults and children, also provides additional sensory feedback, and assists with the laying down of the neccesary motor maps for cursive letter formations in the brain.

For the intentional parent, the Happy Handwriter’s Cursive Guide is a booklet that explains what you need to encourage so that you maximize the potential of the package for your child.

Make learning cursive fun with this all inclusive kit!

Cursive Writing Bundle