Happy World Play Day

Carly and I made a *Play Date* for our 4 Groovy Adventurers…an ACTUAL play date! There were no computers, no cell phones, no iPads, no talk of what needs to be done or what work we still need to complete to meet our deadlines! We just PLAYED:) Sometimes we played with and other times we just watched and marveled at our clever and cute little Adventurers!

There were touchy tunnels, tricky tongs, climbing and clambering through trees at the bottom of the garden – with no complaints from mom to be careful of the ballet stockings – fuzzy wriggling worms going up and over, down and under the worm obstacle course, cymbals and drums, hoola-hooping and shaking those booties! We PLAYED so hard we even forgot to eat our Play Date treats of yogi stix and zoo biscuits!!!!

All in all, it was loads of fun! (Mom needed a glass of wine and some quiet time after the rowdy date we had!) but also great for our Groovy Adventurer’s development. Their fine motor skills were stimulated through the tactile play and tricky tongs, their gross motor skills were strengthened with the hoola hooping and the clambering, the tree climbing and ALL the running and chasing! Their bilateral skills were put to the challenge with balancing a fishy ball in a frisbee! Their auditory skills (and ours!) were stimulated by the home made band they started up, and their visual tracking skills were streamlined while watching the koosh ball and polystyrene snow storm!!!

koosh balls, ribbons, hoola hoops, pipe cleaners, velcro, recycled yogurt tubs and metal grids and the kitchen tongs…call it R50, watching our Adventurers learn through play and their 7 senses…priceless!

Happy Play Day…I say lets make it a make it a Play YEAR!!!

Groovy hugs!

Lourdes xoxo

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