Halloween – the good, the bad and the ugly?

Will you be celebrating Halloween with your children this year? There is a great divide in my circle of friends with some believing that it’s dark and evil roots make it a time to be avoided and ignored, while others prefer to stick to the lighter side and enjoy the harmless fun associated with the day. As a Christian family with young children this has not been the first year we have encountered these differing views and I am quite sure it will not be the last. While I struggle to personally see how some of the gruesome decorations and costumes could be “fun” I don’t think that dressing up and gathering with friends is problematic. As with many difficult topics (and desires of my children to participate in what their friends are doing), I think transparency is important. For us, this is a great opportunity to talk about the “dark side” of Halloween and contrast it with the all-encompassing power and light of Jesus. It is also an opportunity to find something fun to dress up as (mickey mouse, a smurf, superman, a robot etc.) and then make the dress up outfit together.

Trick or treating can be literally tricky when you don’t know everyone in your street well, but possibly a few pre-planned stops and the resultant free sugar and some games will occupy the rest of the evening! There are some really great Halloween crafts to do before and also on the day to make this a fun, fantasy day, rather than the dark, feared day some view it as.


Whatever you decide to do on 31 October, I hope it includes fun, family and chocolate!!!

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