Travelling with Young Children

Traveling with little Groovy Adventurers can be nerve wracking, but with enough planning and preparations, traveling with little ones can be fun! Children help you see and experience life in a different way, they notice and draw your attention to sights, sounds, and experiences that you would have otherwise missed! To live life looking through the glasses of little Groovy Adventurers is to live life to the full! So don’t feel anxious about traveling with little munchkins, plan, plan, plan and then have loads of fun!

  1. *Pack as much as you can into your check-in luggage.* You will need your hands to hold onto and guide your little angels through busy, fast paced airports so try not to have too much carry-on hand luggage!
  2. *Use a pram or carrier.* I really feel better having my precious girls contained in a pram, luggage trolley or carrier. Shiloh, who is nearly 3 years old, loved being a little Roo bear in her Bugg Carrier and this left my hands free to hand over tickets or push my luggage trolley.
  3. *Medication for emergencies.* I always have Panado Meltabs in my purse, these melt in your little Groovy Adventurers mouth without you having to deal with syringes and messy liquid syrups! Your little Groovy Adventurer may have sensitive ears or a brewing ear infection which when taking off or landing can be very painful! The girls and I did a lot of yawning and swallowing during the takeoff and landing as well to help them equalize their ears during the takeoff and landing.
  4. *Wet wipes and tissues.* The airport is a cauldron of germs, so remember to clean little hands often. Waterless hand cleaners are also a great idea to keep little angels safe from germs.
  5. *Charge up.* Make sure your iPad, Smartphone, portable DVD player etc. are charged and full of new games, apps, books or movies. These can keep little minds entertained for a little while. You may even be able to page through a magazine yourself while they are entertained for a bit!
  6. *Feed your Groovy Adventurers during take off and landing.* Save those delicious treats and drinks for when the plane is taking off and landing! This is a tried and tested tip for helping little ears equalize and to distract them from this difficult part of the trip. For really little ones, breastfeeding them is a great idea at this time but for older Groovy Adventurers try sippy cups, straw bottles, even pacifiers if they have one!
  7. *Be early.* There are always last minute toilet trips, spillages, baggage checks etc. which can cause you to be stressed, so being early will give you plenty time to roll with these unexpected delays stress-free!
  8. *Always check your seat before disembarking.* Be extra vigilant in checking your seat and seat pockets for favorite toys which may be left behind. Trinity was so sad to have left her Smurf behind on our last plane trip! Luckily it did not turn into a full-scale meltdown but it could easily have!

What are your top traveling tips!? Please share some with us! I truly believe that being well prepared and planning well ahead of time can make traveling a fun and exciting adventure for you and your Groovy Adventurers!

Happy traveling!

Lotsa Groovy love from a. Warm and sunny Durban!

Lourdes xoxo


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