Pinch Grip


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Our new Pinch Grip is the grip you have been waiting for!  Have you ever liked what the Crossover and Grotto Grips had to offer in terms of correctly positioning the thumb, but have found that they are just too big for little hands?

Or, your child has done well with the Crossover grip and needs slightly less support?  If you are looking for a grip that will maintain the gains your child has made, the Pinch Grip is for you.

The Pinch Grip has all the benefits of the Crossover and Grotto grips but having a slightly lower profile. This allows for the facilitation of the refined finger movements required for speed and quality of handwriting, while maintaining a cross over thumb in place.  The wings position the fingers but are suitably low profile to allow the discrete refined finger movements we wish to achieve for speed and quality of handwriting.  The Pinch Grip has been described by the manufacturer as the grip between the Crossover and The Pencil Grip.

The Pinch Grips have a lovely feel and come in 4 stunning colours.

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Dimensions 28 × 21 × 3 cm