The Claw Grip – Medium


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The CLAW pencil grip with its cups into which the thumb, index and middle fingers can fit, is a fantastic grip for re-positioning the fingers.

The CLAW’s unique design facilitates the refined finger movements that are critical for speed and quality of handwriting.  There are 6 medium CLAW grips in this pack.  The small sized CLAW pencil grip is ideal for the Grade R child with very small fingers.
If your child is already in primary school, or if you have a child with slightly bigger fingers, you may consider using the medium CLAW pencil grip.  If you are unsure about the size we can offer a Mixed Pack with 3 mediums and 3 smalls.  This will enable to you to try them out for size and find the perfect fit for your child.

The six pack gives a small volume discount and allows you to have some extras for the cupboard.  Or, buy two packs and have one for each of their colouring pencils.  Remember, that every time your child picks up their pencil in the correct way the correct pencil grip is reinforced.  This is critical if you want the correct grip to become automatic.  If you are looking for more small CLAW pencil grips, you can contact us for a volume discount pack of 24.

While the CLAW pencil grip can correct the position of the fingers on the pencil, they work best if you work on the small muscle development of the hand at the same time.  Our Fine Motor Fun kit looks at developing the muscles and movement patterns for pencil grip and pencil control.  If you use these in conjunction with the CLAW pencil grip, you will be providing your child with the best chance to achieve an efficient pencil grasp.

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Weight 0.034 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 × 3 cm
The Claw Grip – Medium