Liezl Cloete

Liezl Cloete - GAP Overstrand

Liezl is a mom of two energetic girls, aged 4 and 6. She has a love for bringing people together, coming from her hospitality background before becoming a mother.

Since being a stay at home mom, she discovered a deep passion for early childhood development. She herself has seen the incredible impact GAP classes had on her daughter's sensory development whilst attending classes back in Cape Town. She moved to Betty's Bay 3 years ago with a yearning to raise her girls in a beautiful environment in which they can fully immerse themselves within nature.

Noticing many more young families trading the city life for this rural paradise, she felt there was a great need to bring these like-minded souls together. This led her to start her own GAP group, to bring the families of the Overstrand together in a safe, supportive environment and share the wonderful world of GAP.

Michaela Raw

Michaela Raw - GAP Bluff/Pinetown

Michaela is a qualified Occupational Therapist and a mom of two busy bundles of joy. She is passionate about children and helping them to each reach their full potential. Together with her husband, Craige, she is also involved in youth ministry and leadership in their church.

As an Occupational Therapist, she is interested in the importance of optimal sensory-motor development, as well as helping children to feel confident in themselves and their own abilities. No two people are the same, and Michaela has the heart to empower parents and children to feel that they are capable despite any difficulties they may face.

As a mom of two, she has also experienced first hand the value of baby groups and what a big difference they made to her children's development, and to her own mental health! It's amazing what some good laughter and story sharing with other moms can do.

The Bluff, Durban is home to the Hey Baby GAP Groups where Michaela is eager to join you on your journey of bonding and growth with your baby!

Lourdes Bruwer

Lourdes Bruwer - GAP West Coast, Cape Town

Lourdes Bruwer is first and foremost a wife and the devoted mom of 2 gorgeous girls, Trinity and Shiloh.

She is a successful Occupational Therapist, who has been practising and managing her own private practice in Cape Town since 2005. Lourdes graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2003 and completed a year of Community Service in Calvinia. She qualified in Sensory Integration Therapy (SAISI) in 2006 and has been an inspiration to parents and young therapists alike.

She is a social, expressive, and action-orientated individual. She enjoys dealing with people and organizes her life on a personal basis. She has been described as a warm person, who seeks to maintain harmonious relationships with her colleagues and friends who are very important in her life. She is driven by a strong sense of duty and by a need to belong and be of service to people. Her input, guidance and commitment to helping the families she works with has changed the lives of many children and families.


Lize Roos - GAP Melbourne

Lize graduated from La Trobe University and started working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist in 2009. As Director of Building Blocks Therapy, her goal is to lead an incredible team of passionate people who want to make a positive difference in the community. Her dream is to direct a family-friendly business where all people feel loved and cared for, where families can access services that will empower them to help their children, a place where there is no judgement and where every effort is made to ensure that we work collaboratively with families and other health care professionals to provide the best outcomes possible for each individual.

Lize believes every child should have the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams despite the challenges they face. They should also be given many opportunities to learn and develop their skills in a fun and safe environment. She realises that parenting is no easy job and that it truly does take a "village" to raise children. Her passion is to see families equipped, encouraged and empowered to raise their children to have a positive and powerful effect on this community in the future. Lize is a wife to Sean and a mum of two beautiful growing little boys, Kayleb and Malachi.

Behind the Scenes Support


Raqual van Wyk

Raqual van Wyk is a mom to two beautiful boys, aged 10 and 13. She is also a creative soul with a passion for all things beautiful. In 2013 she started her own design and marketing agency, focusing specifically on small and start-up businesses. She often forms a close relationship with her clients, who feel that she is truly invested in their growth and success. This, of course, led to her love and loyalty to the Jump Leap Fly family and takes great pride in being responsible for their corporate image and social media presence.

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