Can I Spoil My Baby?

New parents, along with their precious little bundle of joy, also get given a free invisible sign as they leave the hospital. In fact this sign often arrives before your baby is even born! “Please give me your opinion and advice on all things baby related!” This sign can be seen from every direction, even […]

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Looking forward to starting “Big School”!

Looking forward to starting “Big School”!   Starting a new school for the first time or moving on to “big school” for grade 1 can seem overwhelming and stressful, but it should also be exciting and full of adventure! As an adult who has spent many years in school, we have a good idea of […]

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World Maths Day!

World Maths Day is for little Groovy Adventurers as much as it is for older children. The foundation for basic maths concepts starts well before your child goes to school! If we think of development as a tree (having roots, a trunk, branches and fruits), with the roots being more foundational and the fruits being […]

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