Finding Thabo with the Reach Trust and Pick n Pay

Jump Leap Fly has provided the content for this exciting new chatbot experience aimed at 3-6 year olds. This game has been developed to provide parents and caregivers with tips and ideas to promote brain development in young children and build strong learning foundations. It makes use of a "chatbot" and interactive experience using artificial intelligence. The pictures for this game can be found in the Fresh Living Pick n Pay magazine, which is free to smart shopper card holders, or it can be found on the Finding Thabo Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FindingThabo/


Jump Leap Fly has also partnered with Mxit Reach (and UNICEF) to get the Groovy Adventurer activities to moms and babies/toddlers right through Africa … FOR FREE! Our Groovy Adventurer app on Mxit reached over 10 000 children and from the activity evaluations we have received, most had a lot of fun!

"Unfortunately, with the collapse of MXIT as a platform, this app is no longer available. We are collaborating with the Reach Trust to get the information available in an app form again. Watch this space!"



Jump Leap Fly OTs collaborated with other experts to create the Nubabi programme - a complete baby stimulation guide for parents, created by experts.

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