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Bugg Carrier

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This Bugg Carrier is based on a traditional Tai carrier being made of soft, durable and washable fabrics while still having some structure to the “pouch” and straps.

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Product Description

This Bugg Carrier is based on a traditional Tai carrier being made of soft, durable and washable fabrics while still having some structure to the “pouch” and straps.

You can choose from a variety of base colours (black, brown, beige, grey, denim) each with their own unique hoody print.
Special attention has been given to the way your baby’s weight is carried ensuring that the bulk of his weight is carried as he sits on his bum. By carrying your baby in this sitting position less strain is placed on his spine. The wide, padded straps and waist bands ensure that you carry your baby’s weight split between your shoulders, your back as well as across your hips. This distribution of weight helps to prevent poor posture and back strain of the person doing the babywearing.

It is easy to fold up and tuck away in a nappy bag. The long straps make it easier for all caregivers to wear – Mom, Dad, Granny, Nanny can all use the same carrier.

Although the Bugg Carrier can be used with very small babies if they are positioned correctly and supported well; it was designed for babies that have some head and neck control. This usually develops between 3 and 4 months. During this stage it is best to carry your baby on your front so that you can interact easily with him and shelter him from too much stimulation. As your baby’s head control gets stronger and he can manage more stimulation, you can also carry him on your back. In this position he can look around more and enjoy his ever changing environment. The Bugg Carrier can be used with toddlers as well, who generally prefer to be carried on your back.

Additional Information

Base Colour

Beige + blue diamonds, Beige + blue stripes, Beige + pink cupcakes, Beige + pink dots, Beige + purple flower, Beige + zebra, Black + blue circles, Black + blue diamond, Black + blue owl, Black + green spots, Black + green stripe, Black + zebra, Brown + beach fun, Brown + blue bokkie, Brown + blue diamond, Brown + blue leaf, Brown + blue stripe, Brown + green maze, Brown + green stripe, Brown + pink maze, Brown + red leaf, Brown + sand camo, Grey + b/w camo, Grey + blue stripe, Grey + green spiral, Grey + pink cupcakes, Grey + zebra

3 reviews for Bugg Carrier

  1. 5 out of 5


    We loved our Bugg Carrier! Travelling through Europe with my 22month old, it was my most treasured item!
  2. 5 out of 5


    Great way to bond with my boys when they were born - and give mom a nice break too!
  3. 4 out of 5


    This is a great carrier for little ones who still want to be snug and close to mom or dad while also watching the world around them. The versatility of the straps is very useful for multiple wearers, and is comfi to use as well. It's a great option when traveling rather than taking a bulky pram/pushchair.

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