What is the Occupational Therapy process?

When a child is identified as needing an assessment, the process starts with an initial interview between the parents and the therapist. This provides some background information and history regarding the child’s development and functioning. This initial interview will take place at 12 Delheim Road, Table View and it is not necessary for your child to attend this meeting.
We will then assess your child at 12 Delheim road, Table View. You may drop him off and pick him up later if that suits you or remain with him for the duration of the assessment. The duration of the assessment is approximately 2 hours. During the assessment a variety of standardized and non-standardized observations and assessments will be carried out to ascertain whether or not your child requires OT. 
Thereafter a feedback session is set up to discuss the assessment findings and recommendations. It is not necessary for your child to attend this session or the initial interview. However, where possible, we prefer both parents to be present at the feedback session.
A report will be provided detailing strengths and weaknesses of the child together with individualised goals, should therapy be recommended. With your consent, a report will also be provided for the referring person, your child’s teacher and any other relevant persons. Should your child require therapy, times will be arranged at the feedback consultation.
Therapy takes the form of weekly sessions. Children are usually in therapy for 6-9 months. School visits are done once a term. The purpose of this visit is to observe the child in his/her usual classroom setting and to review his/her workbooks. After 24 sessions a formal re-assessment is done to monitor the child’s progress. Often children will require a period of consolidation thereafter. Sometimes children will be discharged after the re-assessment, provided that they have reached their goals and are functional at home and at school.

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We provide Occupational Therapy services to improve your child’s gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual and sensory-motor skills to meet the ever increasing demands at school. Within 6-9 months of Occupational Therapy, your child will be supported to meet uniquely assessed and formulated goals and will grow in self-confidence as he meets “just-right” challenges weekly.

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Codes & Costs

Below are the assessment and therapy codes that are used on medical aid accounts. We are a cash based practice and do not negotiate with medical aids, this means that you have to settle with us and claim back from your medical aid.

Assessment Codes

Developmental Assessment

66108 Initial InterviewR350.00

66109 Additional 15 minutes for interview before assessmentx 2 R160.00 = R320.00

66211 AssessmentR1260.00

66108 FeedbackR350.00

66109 Additional 15 minutes for feedback after assessmentx 2 R160.00 = R320.00


Sensory Integration and Praxis Assessment (SIPT)

66108 Initial InterviewR350.00

66209 Assessment part 1R915.00

66211 Assessment part 2R1260.00

66108 Interview 30 minutesR350.00

66109 Additional 15 minutes for feedback after assessmentx 2 R160 = R320.00

66401 Recommendation and School visitR180.00

66110 Report costR225.00


Therapy Codes

66311 30 minute Therapy session R330.00

66313 45 minute Therapy session R440.00

66315 60 minute Therapy session R590.00

66401 Recommendation and School visit R180.00 (done once a term)

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