Occupational Therapy

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We provide Occupational Therapy services to improve your child’s gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual and sensory-motor skills to meet the ever increasing demands at school. Within 6-9 months of Occupational Therapy, your child will be supported to meet uniquely assessed and formulated goals and will grow in self-confidence as he meets “just-right” challenges weekly.

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy uses goal-directed activities and play to assist children with

In this way, OT empowers children to master academic skills that they may be struggling with (e.g. reading, writing, spelling, colouring in, cutting etc.). By setting the Just-Right challenge for our little clients in therapy, we can positively impact their self-confidence and feeling of success.

Occupational Therapy Team

Lourdes Bruwer

Occupational Therapist

Manja Otero

Occupational Therapist

Peng an Feng

Occupational Therapist

Nicole Swart

Occupational Therapist
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