Calli Crouser – GAP Blouberg, Cape Town

Calli feels beyond blessed to be waking up every morning fueled by her passion, after spending 7 years in the corporate world. She has two beautiful boys, Carlisle and Kole, who keep her on her toes! Calli’s love for GAP started after both boys attended GAP groups and she instantly knew little people were her calling. Now she is relishing the opportunity to welcome new moms, dads, carers and babies into the GAP world. Calli adores watching how the little ones grow and learn while having fun through sensory play. 

Calli is currently studying Early Childhood development, as well as pouring her heart into being a mom and wife. 

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Cath Williams – GAP Durbanville, Cape Town

I knew when I was very young that I wanted to teach!  I would “teach” anyone who would sit still long enough for me to impart my “knowledge” (including our dogs, cats, ducks!).  I qualified in 1986 from the University of KwaZulu Natal and have over the years taught at high school and primary school levels.   For the past 16 years I focused my passion on younger children between the ages of two and six.  Motherhood in 1995 had totally changed my perspective on things – no degree can prepare you to be a mom.

That’s when I realised that I needed to re-direct my energy, so I opened my own home-based school in 2004 to help other moms with their children’s development and growth, sharing my experience and knowledge with them.  During this time I have seen a big shift in our little people and their parents as we all battle with the stresses and strains of life in a developing and very challenging society.  When I read about the Groovy Adventurers Programme it re-ignited my passion to impart knowledge – there are simple and easy ways to live sensory-smart lives and everyone should get the chance to know about them!  If you nurture the roots, the tree will produce abundant fruit.  I look so forward to being of service to our community!  I live in Kenridge, Durbanville with my husband Gavin and we have two amazing kids, Claire who is 24 and Matt who is 22.  

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Neesha Pema – GAP East London

Neesha is mum to two beautiful boys just 19 months apart. Having two children so close in age has certainly kept her and husband, Sheridan, on their toes. After qualifying as a dentist from Stellenbosch University, and working in this field for 8 years, becoming a stay at home mum has been a welcome change. Neesha enjoys bringing value to people’s lives, and her open nature will help put you at ease. Her personal experience as a mom in GAP groups with both her sons and GAP training offers insight and has equipped her to offer support and advice to other mums. GAP has meant a lot to Neesha as a mum. It’s the desire to share this homely comfy learning experience with other mums that prompted her decision to bring GAP to East London. She is excited to introduce you to the world of GAP!

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Alet Deysel – GAP Bloemfontein, Groenvlei

Alet is a full-time mom of three beautiful children. Being a stay at home mom has enabled her to see the development and potential of children. This has inspired her to learn more, and so she has equipped herself with the GAP training program.

Alet has a degree in communications and experience in being a facilitator that would be of great value to each mom joining the program. Alet is a wonderful mom and knows first-hand of the importance of playing with your child. Alet puts a lot of value in her children and would like to share her homely, comfy learning experience and knowledge with other moms. She is excited to introduce you to the world of GAP!

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Ruth Erasmus

Ruth Erasmus – GAP Claremont

Ruth is a dedicated mom to her one year old daughter. Originally with a background in environmental education, tour guiding and travel, she has discovered a new passion since becoming a mom, and has a real heart for moms with babies.

Every new mom wants to give their children the absolute best start in life, but it is not always easy to know how to do this. Ruth is an avid researcher, and since becoming a mom to a very extroverted, strong willed and sensory seeking child, she has learned so much, especially about how important appropriate sensory stimulation is for development and bonding. The desire to share her experiences, and passion to equip new moms to be the best they can be, has resulted in Ruth joining GAP as a facilitator. 

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Lize Roos – GAP Melbourne

Lize graduated from La Trobe University and started working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist in 2009. As Director of Building Blocks Therapy, her goal is to lead an incredible team of passionate people who want to make a positive difference in the community. Her dream is to direct a family friendly business where all people feel loved and cared for, where families can access services that will empower them to help their children, a place where there is no judgement and where every effort is made to ensure that we work collaboratively with families and other health care professionals to provide the best outcomes possible for each individual.

Lize believes every child should have the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams despite the challenges they face. They should also be given many opportunities to learn and develop their skills in a fun and safe environment. She realises that parenting is no easy job and that it truly does take a “village” to raise children. Her passion is to see families equipped, encouraged and empowered to raise their children to have a positive and powerful effect on this community in the future.Lize is a wife to Sean and a mum of two beautiful growing little boys, Kayleb and Malachi.

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Behind the Scenes Support


Raqual van Wyk

Raqual van Wyk is a mom to two beautiful boys, aged 3 and 7. She is also a creative soul with a passion for all things beautiful. In 2013 she started her own design and marketing agency, focusing specifically on small and start-up businesses. She often forms a close relationship with her clients, who feel that she is truly invested in their growth and success. This, of course, led to her love and loyalty to the Jump Leap Fly family, and takes great pride in being responsible for their corporate image and social media presence.

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