Jenni Iles – GAP Cape Town, Sunningdale

I recently took the plunge into becoming a GAP facilitator. It is something I considered before but the timing was not right with my young family. I have recently started as a GAP facilitator and I am loving it. I love the creative outlet it gives me. I love seeing lives transform as the moms start to get the joy and value in not just playing with their children but understating the importance of sensory play. I love watching the bonds form between the moms as they learn to trust each other and share their hardships and learnings on this journey called motherhood. GAP has already in its short time in our house added value to our own family. My children love coming home from school to see what the “babies” learned today and to play with whatever sensory play stuff is left to play with. My oldest two also love helping me prep. They love thinking of things we can make for tactile play in particular.  GAP has also helped me understand my own sons sensory difficulties (he is tactile sensitive and he seeks vestibular input) and taught me tricks to do to help him in his day to day life. He is also a student at JumpLeapFly OTs and loves every session he has. 

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Bronwyn Dryden – GAP Durbanville, Cape Town

Bronwyn is a dedicated mom to her 2 sons. Having been a mom to a sensory child, she has integrated a sensory approach into her lifestyle. She is passionate about helping other families learn more about the impact sensory smart strategies can have on family life. She sees the importance of play on development and thus also runs a toy library to help families expose their little ones to a great variety of sensory and developmental toys and games while staying within their budget! She has quickly become an integral part of the JumpLeapFly family and loves supporting and encouraging all her GAP families!

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shan bosman

Shan Bosman – GAP Hillcrest

Shan is a proud mom to a beautiful daughter Mila-Rae. She was born two months premature so Shan has her hands full with extreme lengths on getting her from milestone to milestone and making sure she is healthy and on par. Shan is a single mom who leaps at any opportunity to spend more time with her child as to why GAP was such an exciting new adventure,  allowing her to spend time at home with her daughter whilst working. Shan believes that GAP is a wonderful program that can not only help with her daughter through her different stages, but also other moms. Shan has always had a deep love and passion for children as well as special needs children.

Shan is a licensed and registered ambulance assistant with the HPCSA, as being able to care for others and help others is something she cares deeply about.

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Neesha Pema – GAP East London

Neesha is mum to two beautiful boys just 19 months apart. Having two children so close in age has certainly kept her and husband, Sheridan, on their toes. After qualifying as a dentist from Stellenbosch University, and working in this field for 8 years, becoming a stay at home mum has been a welcome change. Neesha enjoys bringing value to people’s lives, and her open nature will help put you at ease. Her personal experience as a mom in GAP groups with both her sons and GAP training offers insight and has equipped her to offer support and advice to other mums. GAP has meant a lot to Neesha as a mum. It’s the desire to share this homely comfy learning experience with other mums that prompted her decision to bring GAP to East London. She is excited to introduce you to the world of GAP!

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Alet Deysel – GAP Bloemfontein, Groenvlei

Alet is a full-time mom of three beautiful children. Being a stay at home mom has enabled her to see the development and potential of children. This has inspired her to learn more, and so she has equipped herself with the GAP training program.

Alet has a degree in communications and experience in being a facilitator that would be of great value to each mom joining the program. Alet is a wonderful mom and knows first-hand of the importance of playing with your child. Alet puts a lot of value in her children and would like to share her homely, comfy learning experience and knowledge with other moms. She is excited to introduce you to the world of GAP!

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Heather Frasier – GAP Durban, Glenmore

Heather is a ‘biological mom’ to her two grown sons, Shaun and Gary, as well as having been blessed with the shared responsibility of three girls, Tamryn, Megan and Courtney.For many years she was a Junior Primary Teacher but, on a short sabbatical from teaching, decided to ‘try her hand’ at ‘little ones’. So, in the mornings she teaches a group of 4 – 5-year-olds at a wonderful pre-primary school in her area. During the afternoons she teaches swimming to children from 4 months old, right through to adulthood. Heather always understood that she had been blessed with the ability to teach, but it has been in working with the really ‘little ones’ that she has come to understand that she is passionate about sharing their development as they integrate all the sensory issues that determine their milestones. The GAP programme is ‘right up her alley’ and already has an established ‘Travellers Group’ that is having GROOVY FUN in Durban.

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Raquel Smith – GAP Alberton

Raquel is a mom to 3 amazing and very busy children. After years in the beauty industry and corporate world, she knew she wanted to be involved in children’s lives and help families improve on the everyday challenges of having children. Raquel decided she wanted to be a teacher and started as a swimming instructor. In this role, she saw many children that struggled with blowing bubbles, putting their heads under water etc., leading her to wonder about their foundational sensory and motor skill development. Raquel then found an opportunity teaching music and movement, which was fun and fulfilling for her. Again, gaps in the children’s development worried her. On hearing about GAP, she knew it was exactly what young babies and toddlers needed. Raquel is excited to teach families how to enjoy every little milestone their little one achieves and to understand the sensory development of their babies. Since her GAP training, she has implemented simple ideas in her home, which has made noticeable differences resulting in calmer, happier children! She is excited to start GAP as she believes every single child deserves the absolute best start in life with strong foundations!

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Ruth Erasmus

Ruth Erasmus – GAP Claremont

Ruth is a dedicated mom to her one year old daughter. Originally with a background in environmental education, tour guiding and travel, she has discovered a new passion since becoming a mom, and has a real heart for moms with babies.

Every new mom wants to give their children the absolute best start in life, but it is not always easy to know how to do this. Ruth is an avid researcher, and since becoming a mom to a very extroverted, strong willed and sensory seeking child, she has learned so much, especially about how important appropriate sensory stimulation is for development and bonding. The desire to share her experiences, and passion to equip new moms to be the best they can be, has resulted in Ruth joining GAP as a facilitator. 

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leanne solotto big

Leanne Salotto & Buhle Ndlovu – GAP Fourways

Leanne is the proud mother to a 5-year-old son and 2 year old daughter.  She has always had a keen interest in the early development of her children and more so since her son started showing signs of having “Sensory Processing” and “Eating” issues. She researched, spoke to therapists and teachers and became completely invested in being there to support her son to reach his full potential. This, in turn, helped her daughter too. When she heard that there was an opportunity to become a GAP facilitator she realized this was her chance to combine her passion for helping her children as well as the many out there needing sensory play to learn and grow.  Leanne feels it is equally important to support Moms through their journey with their children by creating an environment of Integrity through the expression of peace for the manifestation of Love, Care and Happiness.

Buhle Ndlovu is proud mom to 3 beautiful children, Nokuthula, 16 years old, Lindokuhle, 11 years old and Nokulunga, 7 years old. She has a passion for working with children and has worked in a family with a special needs child for the last 5 years. Buhle completed her CPR course in 2012. Her dedication and commitment are her strongest attributes. She is so excited that her journey has led her to become a GAP facilitator.

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Behind the Scenes Support


Raqual van Wyk

Raqual van Wyk is a mom to two beautiful boys, aged 3 and 7. She is also a creative soul with a passion for all things beautiful. In 2013 she started her own design and marketing agency, focusing specifically on small and start-up businesses. She often forms a close relationship with her clients, who feel that she is truly invested in their growth and success. This, of course, led to her love and loyalty to the Jump Leap Fly family, and takes great pride in being responsible for their corporate image and social media presence.

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Ashleigh Coull

Ashleigh Coull is a freelancing wife and mother of two awesome kids (Tristyn and Caitlin). After obtaining an undergraduate degree in the psychology, social anthropology and environmental and geographical science, Ashleigh went on to complete her honors degree in human geography. Once completed, Ashleigh joined the team at The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing. Over the next ten years, she became responsible for organising marketing and networking events, coordinating research, designing presentations and dealing with members. Alongside this, Ashleigh has branched out and performed various roles for numerous other clients including Ceres Beverage Company, Pioneer Foods, Pernod Ricard South Africa and Red Cello Productions. These roles include virtual assistant duties, presentation design, event organisation and knowledge management. Ashleigh joined the Jump Leap Fly team in the role of virtual assistant and event coordinator in 2015.

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