Moving House with Little People

I was recently asked if I had any tips for packing and moving with young children…luckily I have recently done just that and I sought advice from my dear friend, who also happens to be an OT and a Play Therapist, Belinda von Wielligh. I will include some of her really great tips and throw […]

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Camping with Groovy Adventurers

We are off on another camping trip over the long weekend and the preparations and packing have begun! Camping with little ones can seem like a daunting task, but it really can be loads of fun. If you are unsure about packing up your family and driving off into the sunset, why not try camping […]

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Book Corner Fun!

Have you considered creating a Book Corner for your Groovy Adventurer? We all know how important reading is for our precious little ones, but is there a special place in their room/playroom or your living area for their books? A book corner can be created in a very small space with just a little creativity! […]

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Embrace the Mess!

If you are one of those wiper moms, who hovers like a helicopter, wet wipe in hand….or maybe if you just have to fight that urge to constantly clean your little Groovy Adventurer’s grubby face and hands…then this post is for you!!!!   Getting messy is more than just loads of fun…it actually is quite […]

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