Can I Spoil My Baby?

New parents, along with their precious little bundle of joy, also get given a free invisible sign as they leave the hospital. In fact this sign often arrives before your baby is even born! “Please give me your opinion and advice on all things baby related!” This sign can be seen from every direction, even […]

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Back 2 School is cool!

I don’t know about your household but mine is in the back-to-school tailspin! Mommy is frantically labeling and sewing and prepping, dad doesn’t know what all the fuss is about because let’s face it, he went to school in the snow and didn’t even have a text book…and seems to think he is fine! One […]

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“Is my child ready for Grade 1?”

My daughter’s school did a school readiness screening or mini assessment on all the Grade R children ahead of the big change over to Grade 1 next year. Interested parents have been attending regular information evenings with the school Psychologist to discuss how their child did and what it all means. Needless to say anxiety […]

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Little girl blowing out birthday candles at party with family and friends

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

*Planning your little one’s birthday celebration can be fun!* Some parents look forward to and love planning birthday parties, while others dread it and try to get by with the bare minimum! Carly and I are the Party Loving type! We look forward to this special day with great anticipation and almost start thinking of […]

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Shopping with your toddler

*Shopping with toddlers….you must be joking!* I really don’t mind grocery shopping…..unless I have 2 small children in tow! How do you read a shopping list, check for the cheapest option, weigh up specials, read the ingredient lists, pack the heavy items at the bottom, remember to weigh your fruit and veg, add the fridge […]

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School has started again… how are you?

The lead up to the school holidays may have been filled with excitement and anticipation or dread and fear of what on earth you would do with these little people for all their waking hours for a whole week! You may have felt a little of both – looking forward to a break in school […]

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Travelling with Young Children

Traveling with little Groovy Adventurers can be nerve wracking, but with enough planning and preparations, traveling with little ones can be fun! Children help you see and experience life in a different way, they notice and draw your attention to sights, sounds, and experiences that you would have otherwise missed! To live life looking through […]

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