Travelling with Young Children

Traveling with little Groovy Adventurers can be nerve wracking, but with enough planning and preparations, traveling with little ones can be fun! Children help you see and experience life in a different way, they notice and draw your attention to sights, sounds, and experiences that you would have otherwise missed! To live life looking through […]

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Oh so yummy, oh so easy recipes for little chefs

My boys LOVE being in the kitchen mixing, pouring, measuring, spreading and the all important bowl licking! Long may this passion last…I dream of amazing dinners, scrumptious treats and “edible” breakfasts-in-bed all presented by my well-mannered, charmingly witty sons….I guess I have my work cut out for me then!!!   As a simple start (and […]

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Happy Friendship Day, everyone!

Next week Tuesday (30 July) is the International Day of Friendship! We found a lovely project for little friends to create together, check out for some detailed instructions. The activity is a lovely sensory bin that your little groovy adventurers can create themselves and at the same time it tells the Creation story. Using […]

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Happy World Play Day

Carly and I made a *Play Date* for our 4 Groovy Adventurers…an ACTUAL play date! There were no computers, no cell phones, no iPads, no talk of what needs to be done or what work we still need to complete to meet our deadlines! We just PLAYED:) Sometimes we played with and other times we […]

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Embrace the Mess!

If you are one of those wiper moms, who hovers like a helicopter, wet wipe in hand….or maybe if you just have to fight that urge to constantly clean your little Groovy Adventurer’s grubby face and hands…then this post is for you!!!!   Getting messy is more than just loads of fun…it actually is quite […]

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