Book Corner Fun!

Have you considered creating a Book Corner for your Groovy Adventurer? We all know how important reading is for our precious little ones, but is there a special place in their room/playroom or your living area for their books? A book corner can be created in a very small space with just a little creativity! […]

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Carly & Lourdes

Finally! Joyous celebrations at our book launch

Friday the 18th of November will be remembered by all who attended our *Book Launch* as an evening of joyous celebrations! If you were unable to join in the festivities then we hope you enjoy the photos and know that you were missed!!!  *Cafe Villagio* created a beautiful ambience to suit the mood of the […]

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It’s the Final Countdown!

We were lucky enough to have been featured in our local community newspaper last week! Thank you *Table Talk Community Newspaper* for your interest in our book and for your support. We have had such a great response from the public since the article featured! If you haven’t yet seen or read the article, be […]

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Book Preview (8)

The first copy of Groovy Adventurers has arrived!

On Friday morning our publisher, Barbara Mueller, from *New Voices Publishers*, brought us our first copy of *Groovy Adventurers: How to encourage your baby from one developmental stage to the next while having a blast!* As we unwrapped our treasure, held it, smelt it and even kissed it, we were filled with excitement, amazement, and […]

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