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Our highly interactive and practical talks and workshops are tailor-made to inspire, empower and teach professionals, teachers, and parents. With 25 years of combined experience as Occupational Therapists with a special interest in Sensory Integration, you will leave our workshops ready to implement what you have learnt in your classrooms, homes and therapy rooms immediately.

In our interactions with parents, we have noted that there are many misconceptions around Sensory Development in children and how important this area of development is as a foundation for all other learning. We have also seen an increase in sensory related difficulties in babies, toddlers, and young children. In response to our concern, we have put together parent-friendly talks aimed at encouraging parents to include purposeful sensory play into their family/home activities.

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From Root to Fruit: How Sensory Play Can Lead to Academic Success!
The Impact of Sensory Integration on Development
The importance of Play
Groovy Parenting
Homework Tips Workshop
Tips for Groovy New Parents (grade 00)
Groovy Tips for Grade 1
Is it Sensory or Is it Behaviour?
Social Playdates: a Sensory Perspective

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